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Importance of Pranayama

Just as Gold and other metals when melted in fire becomes pure, so also the sense organs of the body get rid of impurities by the practice of Pranayama.Pranayama is the 4th important stage of Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali. Pranayama is called the SOUL of the yoga.  Yoga without Pranayama is not Yoga at all.A

Some Advantages of Pranayama are:

  1. Pranayama cleanses the body  and knowledge is manisfested.
  2. Pranayama makes oxygen circulation smooth.
  3. Pranayama is the key of Intelligence.
  4. Pranayama brings stillness and calmness to the mind, increases concentration and stability of mind.
  5. Pranayama controls ageing.
  6. Pranayama helps in weight reduction by melting fat as more oxygen burns more fat.
  7. I t makes you free from constipation and indigestion problems.
  8. Pranamaya stimulates autonomic nervous system, sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  9. It provides lightness to the body; acts as diseases destructor, brings vigour and power.
  10. Pranayama helps in lungs expansion thereby improves its efficiency and makes it healthy.
  11. It also helps in contending blood pressure and heart diseases; makes digestion smooth.
  12. It cures the phlegm, mucus and tonsillitis problems.
  13.  Pranayama is good for physical, mental and spiritual happiness.
  14. It also eases depression, dullness and lethargy.
  15.  It helps to ease stress, anxiety and tension.
  16. It makes your gums and teeth healthy.